This site aims to support wildlife rescue centers and participate in the conservation of animals and wildlife for their protection, recovery and then put them back to their habitats or safe places. Generally these centers receive animals that are seized and collected by different types of authorities, the seized species are transferred to these centers for evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation.

Volunteers in this program can cooperate in various activities that contribute to the recovery of the species. Volunteers can also work in food preparation, cleaning of areas, maintenance of enclosures or cages, making toys, supporting the center’s staff and some other tasks. The wildlife rescue centers functions as a sanctuary and refuge for various species that have been seized from people who get them illegally.

Some of the animals have been collected from people who have abandoned them and treated them badly. Among the species at the center, there are some animals that adapt well to the recovery and rehabilitation process and are then released into safe habitats, however, there is another group of animals that cannot adjust to the rehabilitation process and demonstrate dependency for some behaviors and are sent to safe places where they are exhibited to visitors to raise awareness.